Seattle Chinese Alliance Church

Assistant Pastor in Chinese Ministry of SCAC

Job Description

A. Essential Elements for the Position: Have an authentic calling from God to serve as a full time Pastor. Have experience in bi-lingual/bi-cultural ministry. Passionate for spiritual formation; having a holistic view of Christian spirituality. Full embracement with SCAC Church polity and administration; and agrees with the C&MA doctrinal distinctives.

B. Qualifications

  1. A believer with a growing relationship with God
  2. Education: minimum MDiv from an accredited evangelical seminary
  3. Technical skills: competent with Microsoft Office
  4. Language: fluent in English and Cantonese; Mandarin a plus
  5. Some training in spiritual formation
  6. Works well in a collaborative setting

C. Job Descriptions: The primary role of the Assistant CM Pastor is to serve in the CM under the leading of the Lead CM Pastor. It includes but not limits to:

  1. Spiritual Formation Class learning: Participate or lead in the spiritual formation ministry
  2. Ministry of the Word:
    1. Preaching: Preaching regularly in Worship. Assist special events’ preaching and planning (i.e. Good Friday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving events…)
    2. Teaching: At least one quarter per year in Sunday school. Other teaching and preaching opportunities in different fellowships (if needed)
  3. Discipleship and Training: Serving in Young Adults and/or Young Families ministries. Equipping leaders and members intentionally with essential discipleship sessions (i.e. kingdom mentality & kingdom ethics)
  4. Mission and Evangelism: Participate and motivate in missions and evangelistic events
  5. Pastoral Care: Visitation, counselling, and other pastoral care ministries as needed
  6. Supervision: Oversees one or more Department to alleviate the burdens of the Lead CM Pastor.
  7. Other administrative duties as needed