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Great Commision Day (Caring in Chaos) Intro with Tim Meier (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: Philippines (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: Indonesia (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: West Africa (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: Cambodia (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: North and Central Asia (中文字幕)

Caring in Chaos: The Balkans (中文字幕)

Because You Give (中文字幕)


Location: Sendai, Japan 

Trip Date: Late Aug - Early Sep, 2020 (POSTPONED)

Group Size: 4 - 8

Language: English (Japanese will be great!)

If you have a heart to outreach people in Japan via music concert, carnival, international dinner, and english nite and more, contact us at elainefung@uscca.org


Location: Israel

Trip Date: August/September, 2020 (POSTPONED)

Group Size: Around 8-10

Duration: 10-14 days

Language: Mandarin

Ministry: 以传福音为主要目的: 个人布道, 医疗布道, 旅游布道, 布道会

If you are touched to join us or would like to have more information, contact us: elainefung@uscca.org


Location: Myanmar

Trip Date: August 2020


Group size: 4-10

Language: Mandarin/English

The team for Silver Lining is looking for people, especially those with a heart for children or experience leading children worship, to help facilitate a VBS for orphans. May we invite you to pray about it? If you are touched to join us or would like to have more information, contact us: admin@uscca.org

  • Learn more about Silver Lining About Us
  • One of the sharing from Lydia Yeung, founder of Silver Lining Sharing
  • Look at the SMILE of the children at Silver Lining! Big Smile
  • Silver Lining Theme Song: 寶貝兒,我們就在這裡!  Theme Song



Location: Manchester, UK

Trip Date: July 13-23, 2021

Age: around 18-30

Speaker (tentative): Rev. Dan Hutton, IW in the Arab World

Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Rendezvous is a missions ministry of the Chinese Alliance World Fellowship.

RendezVous 2020 Postponement FAQs

Q:        When is RendezVous 2020 postpone to?

A:         Currently, RendezVous 2020 is scheduled to be on July 13 – 23 2021.  Thus, it will be RendezVous 2021.

Q:        Why is the conference postponed?

A:         Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, it will not be possible to host the conference on the original set date.  We pray that the sovereign God will provide the opportunity to meet next summer.

Q:        Is there any change to the location of the conference?

A:         RendezVous 2020 will continue to be in Manchester UK.

Q:        Will Rev. Hutton still be the keynote speaker?

A:         We give thanks to the Lord that Rev. Hutton will continue to join us July next year.

Q:        Will Track B options be the same?

A:         As of now, Track B options remains the same.

Q:        Will the fees change?

A:         There is a possibility that the fees could change as they are based on the cost of accommodations, meals, transportation and other costs associated with the operation of the conference(Track A) and short-term missions(Track B).

Q:        When will registration be opened?

A:         We plan to open registration in November 2020.

Q:        Will the conference be postponed again?

A:         We hope for this not to happen.  However, our main concern is the health and safety of all delegates.  The possibility is always there if the situation remains the same.

Q:        Who can I contact for more information?

A:         You can contact your regional representative should you have more questions.  The Planning Committee will continue to provide updates.  You can check the updates in our social media platforms; e.g. Facebook, website…


Past videos:

2016 Rendezvous  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AQ9okMIawkVCGwfmDq_5k5ED2JwUiC9X/view

2018 Rendezvous Bangkok https://drive.google.com/open?id=1utFDjm-EjsVvlOlXwBasM2WCd8olheCL

2018 Rendezvous NE Thailand https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bYpnD0DsAKuOQOFlA63tu-C8UiqBEGz9

2018 CAWF Rendezvous Joint Conference https://youtu.be/eSdVCNX6rXg?list=PLmE66QIDelVlJef533c3bV16AzRnoglZG

Contact: Elaine Fung at elainefung@uscca.org