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你 們 要 稱 謝 耶 和 華 , 求 告 他 的 名 , 在 萬 民 中 傳 揚 他 的 作 為 ! 要 向 他 唱 詩 歌 頌 , 談 論 他 一 切 奇 妙 的 作 為 !

詩 篇 105:1-2


Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

Psalm 105:1-2

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Why we need Unity in the 1st and 2nd gen church

Speaker: Rev. Michael Furuyama


Lesson Learned from being in the CCA Who are we suppose to Reach

Speaker: Rev. Michael Furuyama



Reflection after CCA Annual Conference

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The CCA Annual Conference came to an end a few weeks ago. My team and I worked tirelessly, but we were joyful to have the opportunity to serve our fellow workers. The theme of this year’s conference is “Envisioning the Future”. What does God want to achieve through CCA in the future? Throughout the conference, I discovered there is one central message that God spoke to us through our workers; that is, we shall focus on training and nurturing workers. There are many ways to train workers but discipleship is the most important among all — life impacts life. Therefore, we shall first start with ourselves, examine our relationships with God and see if our love for Him has diminished. I realized there are many things in our lives that could affect our love for God, and even drive us away from Him. At the end, we love the world more than loving God. This neither hot nor cold, lukewarm state did not happen overnight, but was developed through time. In today’s society, our lives are filled with self-centeredness, materialistic lifestyle, busyness and pride — barriers that prevent us from turning to God. We must dedicate time to examine our heart for the Lord, spend time with Him, pleasing Him as if we love our loved ones. The deeper our love is towards God, the more willing we are to consecrate ourselves to serve God and His people. Then, we would be able to manifest Jesus’ cross in our lives. If we root deeply in the cross, then God will use our service and us lives. May the Lord cleanse us and rebuild us. Rev. James Chung

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Why we need Unity in the 1st and 2nd gen church

Rev. Michael Furuyama