East Bay Alliance Church

Lead Pastor

The following job description is intended as a sample for the new lead Pastor at East Bay Alliance Church. It assumes a minimum of a 40 hour work week. 

East Bay Alliance Church Vision: Journeying with Jesus and transforming community through authentic relationships.

East Bay Alliance Church  Values: Biblical Teaching, Prayer Driven, Spirit Filled Fellowship, Sacrificial Worship, Gospel for All.

Position Summary: The lead Pastor of East Bay Alliance Church (EBAC) is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth and life of the church. The lead pastor provides spiritual leadership in all areas of evangelism and discipleship.

This requires, developing, communicating, and coordinating vision with the Church’s Board of directors and lay leaders as they minister and serve the church family and community at large. The lead pastor is responsible for the oversight and leadership of worship services and special events.

Reporting Relationships: The lead Pastor reports directly to the Governing Board and is accountable to the District Superintendent of the Central Pacific District.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preaching and Worship Leadership
    • Prepares and delivers sermons which are both logical and personal. Works with translators to assure that their sermons can move across cultural lines.
    • Ensures that overall weekly worship services are effective and on target regarding content, style, structure, and design.
      • Conducts the English service
      • Conducts the Cantonese service
      • Meets every 2-3 months with Leadership Team to coordinate services.
    • Communicates regularly with Worship Leader as well as Translators.
    • Suggests and assists with planning of special worship services such as Christmas, Easter, Anniversary, and other special programs. These services should reflect the church’s vision and values, as well as boost church morale and attendance.
      • Works with lay leaders to ensure proper visibility for all special services
      • Plans messages which are relevant and timely
    • Broadcasts sermons on church Facebook page to provide sick or traveling members with a connection to the church’s worship service.
  • Leadership Development and Discipleship
    • Takes the initiative in recommending and implementing actions that fulfill the vision and mission of EBAC.
    • As Church Board Chair or Vice Chair, leads, teaches, and trains the board in their duties and board members, spiritual leaders of the congregation, and witnesses to the community.
      • Ensures proper preparation of meeting agendas
      • Provides effective leadership of meetings by ensuring time is spent on important issues and minimizing time spent on minor issues and details.
    • Schedules and leads an annual board retreat that educates and motivates elders and other leaders of the church regarding vision, mission, strategy, and outreach.
      • Plans and organizes board retreat
      • Creates a team to help manage
      • Delegates logistics and recruiting
      • Obtains speaker, or performs as speaker
    • Provides for overall training, inspiration and motivation of EBAC leadership to ensure that they are maturing in their faith, growing in their relationships with each other, and upgrading their skills.
      • Schedules periodic retreats for training and development.
      • Schedules and leads quarterly leadership meetings with all lay leaders from different ministries. Ensures that there is a time of prayer and short devotional.
      • Takes the initiative in assessing and challenging lay leaders to improve.
      • Inspires lay leaders to strive for high goals in their areas of ministry Jesus deserves the best!
      • Maintains and improves working relationships with lay leaders by periodically eating with them, and visiting their ministries. Will personally review their program once a year.
  • Vision, Creativity, and Strategic Planning
    • Takes initiative and exhibits creativity in recommending and implementing vision of EBAC.
    • Leads the board in developing strategic plan and vision for the next 3 years.
      • Growth opportunities
      • Anticipates future staff requirements and recommends what positions should be filled, changed, and removed, and in what sequence
      • Monitors church growth and recommends optimum timing and approach regarding relocation and building
    • Takes a proactive approach toward identifying problems or challenges and offer creative solutions for resolution
    • Provides leadership within the Stewardship Committee regarding design of stewardship campaigns, including congregation meetings and dinners.
  • Teaching and Discipleship
    • Organizes and teaches a weekly congregational bible study series that provides an in-depth look and interpretation of the Scriptures, with a personal touch.
    • Conducts one Membership/Baptism class session (3-4 weeks) per year
    • Conducts two small groups per year.
  • Congregational Relations and Pastoral Care
    • Assists with maintaining a ‘high touch’ ministry
      • Hospital calling
      • Reacts promptly to crisis
      • Conducts Baptisms, weddings, and funerals as requested
    • Greets people in the sanctuary before and after services, intentionally lingers with people around the church
    • Schedules meals with people
    • Circulates at various church events
    • Places phone calls and sends thank you cards as needed
    • Attend programs and social events for various ministries within the church
    • Counsels as requested and refers to psychologists for more extensive counseling as needed.
  • Miscellaneous Duties and Responsibilities
    • Writes and implements personal assessments and goals, as well as church assessments and goals.
    • Evaluates Staff if any
    • Convenes, organizes, and advises the elected Nominating committee every fall.
    • Provides leadership and direction regarding development, approval, and implementation of annual EBAC budget.
    • Meets with and encourages the board.
    • Provides leadership and input on any special projects or events, such as building committees and congregational meetings.
    • Devotes time to spiritual, mental, and physical development and well being through devotional time and exercise.
    • Participates in community events.
  • This ministry description can be changed or modified by the Governing Board when it is appropriate (Usually September during reviews).

Sample week

  • Biblical Teaching - 15 hours per week
    • Sermon Preparation
    • Study
  • Prayer Driven - 5 hours per week
    • Time spent on the clock praying, an estimate.
  • Spirit Filled Fellowship - 5 Hours per week
    • Visitation
    • Meals
    • Small Group
  • Gospel for All - 5 hours per week
    • Community engagement
    • Meals with people outside the Church
    • Evangelism
  • Sacrificial Worship - 10 Hours per week
    • Administration (no bigger sacrifice)
    • Meetings
    • Worship Service (Sunday)


  • Vacation time: The lead pastor will receive 3 weeks of vacation time per year, with a 4th week after 5 years of service with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and a 5th week after 10 years of service. The lead pastor may not miss more than two Sundays in a row without the board’s consent.
  • Sick time: Will be accrued as per California regulations for salaried workers.

The lead pastor may not miss more than 8 Sundays in a year (for any reason), unless Board approval is given. 4 Sundays may be used as ministry Sundays, and 4 for personal reasons.

A pastoral review will occur in September of each year. At this time the board will assess how the lead Pastor is doing and consider changes to the Job description. The board will also prepare and budget for any compensation changes at this time.

The church will not provide healthcare at this time. The lead Pastor and their family are expected to acquire their own insurance through the California Health Insurance marketplace with the assistance of the ACA and other government subsidies.